With representatives in more than 40 countries, LOBA is a company with global expertise. New markets are being energetically developed. LOBA is a leader in technology and maintains its market position primarily through constant innovation. All production is still performed in Ditzingen nearStuttgart.

2K waterborne finishes, matt care products, solvent free oils, waterborne finishes without side-bonding, frost resistant waterborne finishes, care products with adhesion on anti-scratch UV-finishes and high solid primers for waterborne finishes are all developments which come from our company. LOBA is the leading company in research and development of new technologies for parquet finishing.

.. "On Top !" means "on the surface": we are specialists in surface treatment. While our traditional strengths lie in parquet, hardwood and cork floors, we also provide solutions for other types of flooring.


... "On Top !" means "at the top": LOBA is a leader in research and development. New technologies such as two-component waterborne finishes for floors were first introduced successfully by LOBA. To maintain the excellent quality and high reliability of our products, it is essential to be "On Top" in these areas too. More than 60% of our production time is spent on quality control, to guarantee the famous LOBA quality standard.


... "On Top !" means "on top of everything else": We believe it is important not just to supply our partners with products, but on top of that to provide services to support them in their work. Our support services range from marketing, technical expertise and logistics to employee training, technical classes and seminars, and participation in trade shows.


There are two ways of varnishing, home varnishing and professional varnishing, which highly differ from each other. Most of people think it is very easy to varnish by themselves, but they do not know, their floor  will satisfy them until it is not dry. They will be disapпointed having seen  the final result.

Now it;s time to tell about professional varnishing.

Only varnish on a dry, clear floor, ensure that any staining is completely dry and brush/vacuum the floor to remove all trace of dust. Never try to paint a floor around furniture in the room, always remove everything so that you have a clear areas to work in. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding application and safety - with the various modern varnishes available, this article can only give a general overview, the manufacturers instruction must be paramount. Always allow plenty of ventilation to prevent build up of fumes. Remember that although you will need to ventilate the room, you don't want dust all over your varnish - so pick a time when there is little or no wind. Always start at the far side from the door and work back to the door - then you can exit the room without walking on your work. Always make sure that the floor is clean and dry before starting to varnish. Always wear soft clean shoes, you don't want to mark the timber before you varnish it. Concentrate on varnishing one or two floorboards at a time working along their length, avoid overlapping onto adjacent floorboard. If you have to stop and leave the job for any reason, finish to the end of a floorboard. Remember that varnishing a floor is not the same as varnishing a piece of classic furniture; most people are at about 2 metres away from the floor and so a bit of unevenness or dust in it will not be seen.Remember that varnish usually needs to be applied in temperatures at least 20°C (70°F), so with the window open for ventilation, pick a warm spell.Remember that varnish tends to dry slow in high humidity, so allow less or more time between coats depending on the conditions.And the most importan tip. Always use the best varnish from LOBA.

As a result you will have

a. really beatiful floor

b. maximum term for the next varnishing